These containers are an ideal product for food outlets, such as food vendors and supermarkets. They are made from expanded polystyrene and thus should never be frozen or reheated. They are an ideal product for the hospitality industry as they are disposable and more sanitary than reusable serviceware.

Product ImageProduct NameDescriptionSizePack SizeColour TypeAdd a product
FOMO2DWFLAT TRAY WHITE DEEP 214X185X35 500/125125White
FOMO2WFLAT TRAY WHITE (217X178X18) 800/200200White
FOMO30LUNCH BOX WITH DIVISION (224X178X79) 300/7575White
FOMO4HOT DOG BOX (220X110X78.8) 500/125125White
FOMO40DINNER BOX WITH DIVISION (25OX165X74.5) 300/7575White
FOMO41DINNER BOX – NO DIVISION (250X165X74.5) 300/7575White
FOMO41SDINNER BOX – NO DIVISION (SMALL) (234X166X44) 300/7575White
FOMO6BURGER BOX LARGE SIZE (160X150X79) 500/125125White
FOMO60SFLAT TRAY WHITE (140X127X18) 1500/250250White
FOMO60SBFLAT TRAY BLACK (140X127X18) 1500/250250Black
FOMO69FLAT TRAY WHITE (264X185X24) 500/250250White
FOMO69DFLAT TRAY WHITE (265X184X45) 400/200100White
FOMO6SBURGER BOX STANDARD SIZE (146X145X71) 500/125125White
FOMO71SFLAT TRAY WHITE (209X158X14)250White
FOMO73FLAT TRAY WHITE (223X138X26) 1000/250250White