These bags are manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). Its general characteristics are flexibility, high strength and crack resistance, low permeability for water and alcohol and resistance to many chemicals. They have a characteristic translucent milky appearance and are lightweight and recyclable; a perfect budget carrier bag option for all retail outlets.

Product ImageProduct NameDescriptionSizePack SizeColour TypeAdd a product
PLACARHANDYBPLASTIC BAG – HANDY BLACK (22+12×46)22-12x46/12l100 BAGS12l Capacity/Black
PLACARHANDYSTPLASTIC BAG – HANDY STRIPED (22+12×26)22-12x26/12l100 BAGS12l Capacity/Striped
PLACARHANDYWPLASTIC BAG – HANDY WHITE (22+12×46)22-12x46/12l100 BAGS12l Capacity/White
PLACARJUMBPLASTIC BAG – JUMBO BLACK (30+20×50)30+20x50/32l100 BAGS32l Capacity/Black/Jumbo
PLACARMAXIWPLASTIC BAG – JUMBO WHITE (30+20×56)30+20x56/32l100 BAGS32l Capacity/White/Jumbo
PLACARMIDBPLASTIC BAG – MIDI/MAXI BLACK (26+13×54)26+13x54/24l100 BAGS24l Capacity/Midi-Max/Black
PLACARMIDISTPLASTIC BAG – MIDI STRIPED (26+13X27)26+13x27/24l100 BAGS24l Capacity/Striped/Midi
PLACARMIDIWPLASTIC BAG – MIDI (26+13×54) WHITE26+13x54/24l100 BAGS24l Capacity/White/Midi
PLACARMINIBPLASTIC BAG – MINI BLACK (20+12×45)20+12x45/8l100 BAGS8l Capacity/Black/Mini
PLACARMINISTPLASTIC BAG – MINI (21+12X45) STRIPED21+12x45/8l100 BAGS8l Capacity/Striped/Mini
PLACARMINIWPLASTIC BAG – MINI (20+12×45) WHITE20+12x45/8l100 BAGS8l Capacity/White/Mini