These bags are manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). They are thicker than the standard grocery carrier bags, more luxurious, stronger and more suited to carrying heavier items. They have a characteristic translucent milky appearance and are lightweight and recyclable.

Product ImageProduct NameDescriptionSizePack SizeColour TypeAdd a product
PLACUT001LD CUT OUT BAG – 300x470x55mic WHITE (100)300x470x55mic100Cut Out Handle/White
PLACUT002LD CUT OUT BAG – 300x470x120mic WHITE300x470x120mic100Cut Out Handle/White
PLACUT003LD CUT OUT BAG – 230x360x55mic WHITE (250)230x360x55mic250Cut Out Handle/White
PLACUT004LD CUT OUT BAG – 450x600x90mic WHITE (50)400x600x90mic50Cut Out Handle/White
PLACUT004CLD CUT OUT BAG – 450x600x90mic CLEAR450x600x90mic1000Cut Out Handle/White