Tired of unsightly bin bags destroying the ambience in your space? Our white, practically opaque millinery bags are perfect for lining pedal bins/waste baskets, as well as packaging and protecting a vast variety of things. 
Sizes available:

  • 180mm x 230mm x 27micron
  • 230mm x 310mm x 27micron
  • 280mm x 400mm x 27micron
  • 330mm x 400mm x 27micron
  • 480mm x 560mm x 27micron
  • 560mm x 660mm x 27micron
  • 610mm x 660mm x 27micron
Product ImageProduct NameDescriptionSizePack SizeColour TypeAdd a product
PLAMIL001LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 180x230x27180x230x27500LDPE/ WHITE
PLAMIL002LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 230x310x27230x310x27500Plastic bag
PLAMIL003LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 280x400x27280x400x27500Plastic bag
PLAMIL004LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 330x400x27330x400x27500Plastic bag
PLAMIL005LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 430x480x27430x480x27500Plastic bag
PLAMIL006LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 480x560x27480x560x27500Plastic bag
PLAMIL007LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 560x660x27560x660x27250Plastic bag
PLAMIL008LDPE MILLINERY BAG – 610x660x27610x660x27100Plastic bag