Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Pack Size' mean?

The pack sizes shown next to a particular item is an indication of how these products are received from the manufacturer. While we encourage our customers to purchase certain items in pack size lots, we are flexible enough to assist our clients in certain circumstances, to buy smaller lots. The advantage with purchasing pack size amounts is that the product is delivered in the pack that we receive from the manufacturer or distributor. Less handling of the product means lower chances of contamination or damage, and reduces the chances of incorrect counts. Please ask the sales representative for clarification should you require.

How do I request a quote for multiple products?

Requesting a quote is quite simple as it incorporates ecommerce functionality such as product, cart and checkout systems. You simply browse through the products and add products to the quote.

After you are done you can browse to the ‘Quote’ page to view a list of all your products and then finally proceed to the checkout counter to consolidate the order and process it.

Once an order has been processed, our consultants will receive a notification of your order and will use the personal details provided to get in touch with you to clarify your requirements, and to make all the necessary arrangements regarding payment and delivery.

How can I add additional information or add special requests to my order?

You will find a section on the checkout page called ‘Order Notes’ where you can add additional comments regarding the order.

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