Our PET blow moulded juice bottles provide an excellent moisture barrier, clarity and are shaped specifically to reinforce product identification on shelves.

Product ImageProduct NameDescriptionSizePack SizeColour TypeAdd a product
Q5025250ML ROUND JUICE BOTTLE NEW (38MM)250ml200Clear
Q5025G250ML LEMON JUICE BOTTLE – ROUND (38MM)250ml200Green
Q5025S250ML JUICE BOTTLE – SQUARE (38MM)250ml260Clear
Q5050G500ML ROUND LEMON JUICE BOTTLE (38MM)500ml160Green
WIN340J340ML GT JUICE BOTTLE (38MM) 22 BAGS/2 TRAYS340ml3564Clear
WIN500J500ML GT JUICE BOTTLE (22 BAGS/2 TRAYS) – 28MM/1881500ml2816Clear